Powerful. Progressive. Prophetic.

“What does our religion say… to those who stand, at a moment in human history, with their backs against the wall?” ~ Rev Dr Howard Thurman, "Jesus and the Disinherited"

Living Water United Church of Christ is a Social Justice church.
The heart of our social justice lies within our Urban Ministry and our alliance with P.O.W.E.R (Pennsylvanians Organized to Witness Empower and Rebuild). Both avenues drive our church to stand as advocates for the justice issues:
Feeding the Hungry
Living Wage for the working poor
Full fair funding for our school district
Prophetic Voter Campaign
Caring for our Returning Citizens
Women's Reproductive Rights
Marriage Equality
Counseling and Health resources for Mentally ILL

Faith in Action

"Together We Vote!" Campaign

Together We Vote, is a large-scale multi-faith, multi-racial voter engagement effort, led by religious leaders and faith communities to build a new movement of faith voters against inadequate education funding, unfair wages, and abusive police practices.

This fall POWER is engaging in issue-based organizing to empower thousands of voters to effect change in their communities. Our Together We Vote program seeks to increase voting among low-income families and build a block of voters committed to year-round civic engagement.

Today, tens of millions of people are sitting on the sidelines of democracy, ignored by traditional voter engagement programs. Campaigns and candidates aren’t speaking to the kitchen-table economic and racial pressures they experience. Many citizens are not registered to vote. When people are turned off from voting, there are profound consequences for our country.

People of faith are at a transformative moment in history. Every day, our families face economic inequality, mass incarceration, inadequate funding for public education, and the separation and torment of America’s families. These are the issues that we must stand against, together, to create opportunities and justice for all in our nation.

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Rev. Frank Pennington or Rev. Kim Kendrick , Social Justice Co-Chairs
Living Water United Church of Christ
Address:6250 Loretto Avenue
 Philadelphia, PA 19111